Sturdy Home Improvement started out with one guy and the need to prove to the world that he could do it on his own. After years of hard work, one crazy tornado and a lot of solid team work that dream was lived. Today Sturdy has completed over 3000 jobs. We have a the best work crew in the business and a reputation for getting the job done on time. 

Our goal is still what is once was so many years ago. To provide the best services at a reasonable price. Our objective has never been to be the cheapest company in the industry, but to provide the best Value. Quality without Compromise has been our slogan since day one and it's the mantra we still live by. 


There is no job to small or to big for our team and we are always ready for a challenge. A few years back Quality Remodeler Magazine rated us the 2cd best home improvement company in all of Massachusetts. We respectfully disagreed, but appreciated their gesture regardless. If you have a job that you need a quote for, give us a call and we will be there, ready to make your vision for your home come to life.


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Our Home Tips section is the area of our website where we educate our consumers. There are a lot of bad seeds in the industry so the more you know, the more you'll save. 


We have completed a lot of jobs and can prove it. Take a look at our Job Map and View all of the location where we finished a project. Our list is always growing.