Professional roofing services are necessary to protect your home. At some point, every roof needs to be repaired. Many times the problems are obvious, such as visible damage, leaks, or moss/algae growth. At other times, roofs contain problems that are not obvious. These types of problems can only be determined through thorough inspection by a professional. Our professional roof installers educate customers on ways to extend the life of their roof. For customers needing a new roof, we offer free consultation services to decide the best type of roof for their home.

Sturdy Home Improvement offers affordable specialty roof installation and repair. We offer our customers peace of mind by building exceptional-looking roofs that meet all warranty requirements. Our preventative maintenance and repair services save customers money by preventing serious roof problems and extending the life of their roof. Our services also help to maintain home and property value. More importantly, a healthy roof protects family members, keeping them warm, safe, and dry.

If you need roof installation or repair, Sturdy Home Improvement is here to help. For over 10 years, our company has built quality roofs and offering expert roof repair. Our reputation for excellent service proceeds us.



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